The ultimate automated DVD rental kiosk


The DVDNow S250 Touch Kiosk represents the latest in self-service rental kiosk technology. Providing the customer with the option of either selecting their movie through the glass front doors, or browsing using the intuitive touchscreen user-interface, the S250 Touch offers unparalleled convenience. The S250 Touch is built on open platform to accommodate future upgrades as the home entertainment industry evolves.


  • Merchandise Type: DVDs, video games or Blu-ray disks
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 30 x 24 x 70 inches
  • Interface Type: Touchscreen
  • Primary Video Display: 15-inch LCD
  • Secondary Display Output: High-definition HDMI
  • Color: Red
  • Included Accessories: Two Advertising Panels
  • Optional Accessories: Flat Panel TV Mount


To learn more about the kiosk please download our PDF brochure.


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